What's Included?!

1 hour virtual intimate consult (from anywhere around the world!)
One 30 minute follow-up to make any necessary adjustments and track progress
6 months of email correspondence during working hours
6 months of Bi-weekly check-ins and progress pictures
Customized acne healing plan for your specific needs
Tailored supplement and diet recommendations
Customized skin care recommendations
Holistic lifestyle recommendations
2 week acne-friendly meal plan
6 months of voice note and text support
Emotional support and trauma work

Stop wasting your time, money and energy on the WRONG treatments...

Look at what these clients had to say about The Get Glow Method!

"This changed my life and given me a new relationship with my skin"

"When I first signed up to Meg’s Get Glow Complete Method I was in pieces, both emotionally and physically. I have always struggled with acne, and tried various medications, such as accutane and the pill, to cure it. The final straw occurred when I came off the pill due to health issues, and I was suddenly hit by painful cystic acne. Within a couple of months I barely recognized myself. My face was red raw, swollen, and tender to touch. I was in pain daily.

Eight months down the line, I am so incredibly grateful that I found Meg and took the plunge to work with her. She has genuinely changed my life, and given me a new relationship with my skin. This is all down to Meg and her program! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to work with somebody who understands your condition, and Meg offered both vital knowledge and whole-hearted empathy which made me feel so supported throughout the whole process...

Thank you so much Meg for everything - you’re an absolute star! I’m proud to be a client for life :-)"

Take control of your skin and finally get clear with the Get Glow Method!

"A permanent solution, not a quick fix!"

"I HIGHLY recommend working with Meg. If you have acne now, are on birth control currently, planning to come off it or just came off it. I wish I found her sooner! Meg takes the guess work out of everything. You get a customized approach to healing your acne at the root level. A permanent solution, not a quick fix. You gain knowledge and understanding of your body as a whole. Not only did she help clear my skin, she helped me get my period back and got my digestion back on track. She also helped me embrace self love at a time when that didn’t seem possible.

I saw a lot of practitioners before finding her and they all wasted my time and my money with no results. Meg is the real deal and you will actually save money by investing in her and her program. Stop questioning it and just sign up. I promise she will help you!"

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"If anyone is on the fence about working Meg I would tell them that she is 100% the reason why I now have clear, glowing skin, regular periods, and a healthy body and mind. Working with her is an investment but it is truly some of the best money I’ve ever spent."- Ashley 

"With the help of Meg, my skin is clear and feels amazing which takes such a load of stress off my plate – giving me the chance to solely place my energy and efforts into healing. If you’re on the fence about working with Meg, do it."- Alyssa 

"From my first appointment with you until now, I am COMPLETELY clear. I am so thankful to Get Glow. Now I am able to go out with restored confidence. I cannot thank you enough!!"- Katie

"This program is sustainable and a gift that I will continue to cherish along with Meg's words, resources, and recommendations with ease and joy for years to come. If you are armed to trust the process, I can assure you that Meg is the final destination to clear skin."- Molly

Start your journey to clear skin today!

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